V&YOU nicotine and CBD pouch Overview

nicotine pouch - nicopod - tobacco-free - snus alternative - all white

V&YOU were the first nicotine pouch products manufactured in the UK. Launched in August 2020, the company has a very different story to others in the nicotine pouch business. The three founders of the brand each had 20 years of experience in the tobacco industry, before they decided it was time to help work towards a smoke-free future with next generation nicotine products.


V&YOU do not claim to be a nicotine pouch brand, or even a CBD brand, but a lifestyle brand. V&YOU products are named to fit the feeling they give the user, with their nicotine products ‘&BOOST’ and ‘&FOCUS’ showing the increased energy and cognitive performance they give when the pouches are used (yes, nicotine does increase cognitive performance). Their CBD pouches ‘&CHILL’ and their CBD Oils ‘&CALM’, are named to reflect the relaxing feeling the user experiences when using them.


V&YOUs nicotine products ‘&BOOST’ and ‘&FOCUS’ come in 10mg/pouch and 6mg/pouch, providing two alternative strengths for smokers to try out and see which strength is best suited to help them quit smoking.


Instead of starting with the product a customer wants, for example do they want nicotine or CBD? What strength do they want? They start with considering how they want to feel, they can then use the names of the V&YOU nicotine/CBD products to work out which product is for them.


V&YOU are very proud of their regulatory compliance and transparency with what their products contain. To prove to you that V&YOU are more than just a nicotine or CBD brand, and that they are in fact a lifestyle brand, they will be releasing a product later this year with an active ingredient other than nicotine or CBD…

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