Why Are Nicotine Pouches Better Than Vaping?

Join us in creating a smoke-free future

Vaping first became popular in the 2010s, being so popular in 2014 that “vape” was named Oxford dictionaries word of the year. As advocates for smoking cessation products, we know vaping boom of the 2010s was positive overall for smokers (and now hopefully ex-smokers). However, vapes are far from the ideal smoking cessation product. E-cigarettes heat nicotine, flavourings and many other chemicals which create a aerosol that you inhale, which still causes severe damage to your lungs. Nobody knows quite how dangerous vaping is in comparison to smoking, but as of January 2020 there were 60 recorded deaths from vaping. Compared to the millions of deaths from smoking, this number may seem minimal, however it is much higher than the overall number of deaths from nicotine pouches, which is zero. As vaping hasn’t been big for very long, only time will tell if that number will increase. You may think that the case is the same for nicotine pouches, as they haven’t been popular for long either, however, that thinking would be wrong, and I will explain why. Snus, which is essentially a tobacco-containing form of nicotine pouches, has been widespread in Sweden for decades. Two epidemiological case studies done in Sweden, both stretching over a 40 year period found that there found no link between snus use and oral cancers. Nicotine pouches are snus, but without tobacco, so are by far the cleanest and safest smoking cessation product, and will stay with us for many more decades, when smoking will be a thing of the past.

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