How Can Nicotine Pouches Help Me Quit Smoking?

Join us in creating a smoke-free future

Nicotine pouches are the perfect product to help you finally quit smoking for good. Nicopods are the result of hundreds of years of innovation in the smoking cessation industry, with a lot of the innovation ironically coming from smokeless tobacco products. The industry has finally settled on one product, tweaked to perfection; nicotine pouches. Being completely tobacco and smoke-free, there are no risk of consuming the hundreds of  carcinogens present in cancer smoke. Second only to the clear health benefits of using nicotine pouches, the reason why nicopods are the best smoking cessation product is because they actually work. A huge range of strengths means that there is something to accommodate for  anyone, however much or little you smoke. The vast array of brands and flavours make the choice even greater. Different nicotine pouch brands have different nicotine release timings, some being slow and some being much quicker, depending on the pH within the pouch. Hundreds of available flavours mean that customers can enjoy their nicotine pouch experience whilst quitting smoking, which makes the journey much easier, a foul tasting nicotine spray doesn’t exactly motivate people to kick their habit.

The NHS provide free support sessions (individual or group) for those who want to quit smoking. Information can be found on this link

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