Ace Superwhite Nicotine Pouch Overview

nicotine pouch - nicopod - tobacco-free - snus alternative - all white

Ace Superwhite nicotine pouches are made by Ministry of Snus, originating in Svenborg, Denmark. Their pouches are the highest quality nicopods on the market, and are all-white and tobacco-free. Ace Superwhite comes in 5 flavours, Cool Mint, Extreme Cool, Eucalyptus, Citrus and Liquorice. All flavours are available in a strong 18mg/g nicotine strength, with the new ‘Ace X Cool Mint’ available in 20mg/g. All Ace Superwhite nicotine pouches are plump and soft, weighing around 0.65g. Ace’s newest release, ‘Ace X Cosmic’, is the same as the 20mg/g Ace X Cool Mint, but in a whopping 1 gram pouch. Ace Superwhite nicotine pouches contain more than enough nicotine to prevent any nicotine cravings. Once you go smoke free, you’ll never go back!

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