Iceberg Nicotine Pouch Overview

nicotine pouch - nicopod - tobacco-free - snus alternative - all white


77 Nicotine Pouches are a new, Polish, tobacco-free nicopod brand. Made by vape giants Tobacco Concept Factory, 77 was founded in May 2020. The first products they released to help people quit smoking came in three flavours, Forest Fruits, Fresh Mint and Ice Mint, available in 3mg/g, 6mg/g and 12mg/g. A few months later, 77 really stepped their game up with their ‘Dark Series’ all-white nicotine pouch products; coming in at 20mg/g, the eight available flavours are (in order of my personal favorites) Apple and Mint, Peach and Mint, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Forest Fruits, Fresh Mint, Raspberry and Classic Tobacco. With each new batch of pouches, the quality has improved as 77 have continued to innovate. In 2021 they have already released four new products, initially with Tropical Mint and ‘Cola and Vanilla’ in 20mg/g, and more recently with ‘Apple and Mint’ and Cherry coming in a light 3mg/g, for users who prefer a much less strong nicotine pouch experience. The 3mg/g products are better suited for smokers who only smoke a few cigarettes per day, but still want to use nicotine pouches to aid them in quitting smoking for good. All 77 nicopods are slim, all-white, tobacco-free pouches, and feel soft under the lip, gradually releasing a sweet flavour. 

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