Kurwa Nicotine and CBD Pouch Overview

nicotine pouch - nicopod - tobacco-free - snus alternative - all white

Kurwa nicotine pouches recently moved their warehouse and production to Hungary from Russia, with a complete rebrand and a load of new products (22 to be precise). In their nicotine pouch range, nine flavours in their traditional 8mg/g-50mg/g range, five in their ‘Brutal’ 50mg/g range, and three in their new ‘Kurwa To Go’ range at 16mg/g. These nicopod products combined have five different strength, making them the perfect brand to find the best strength to help you quit smoking and to be a part of our movement to ensure a smoke-free future. The new Kurwa range is made up of innovative and unique flavours, although there are too many to list out (they’re all available to browse on our site), we must mention the popular Forrest Fruit Ice Cream, Eucalyptus Mint and Fruity Gum. As well as Kurwa’s splendid range of nicotine pouches, they have also brought five incredible CBD flavours to the market, including Strawberry, Lemongrass and Spearmint. Although new to the European nicotine pouch and CBD pouch market, Kurwa have already proven themselves a customers’ favourite, partly due to their jaw-dropping range of flavours and strengths, and partly due to the very appealling 25 pouches per can.

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