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Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice 50 mg/g

Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice 50 mg/g

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Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice 50mg/g Nicotine Pouches

Elevate your taste experience with Pablo exclusive frosted mint nicotine pouches. Pablo Exclusive gives you a chance to experience a faster nicotine release combined with extremely high nicotine content of up to 50mg/g. The frosted mint blends the experience with a sweet taste of green mint. 

The Pablo Exclusive nicotine buzz will definitely blow you away and make your day!

What Sets Pablo Exclusive a Part?

These nicotine pouches are specifically made for experienced nicotine users. The 50mg/g strength is ideal for heavy smokers and regular nicotine users, thus not recommended for beginners.

Frosted Mint Flavour!

The frosted mint flavour offers a fresh tingling sensation under the lip that complements your nicotine experience

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