What happens if you swallow nicotine pouches?

What Happens if You Mistakenly Swallow Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small white bags containing nicotine and sweeteners, among other ingredients. To use these pouches, you simply pick a pouch from the can and insert it between the lip and the mouth. 

Note that nicotine pouches are not designed to be swallowed. Once you are done using it, you dispose of the pouch. When you swallow a nicotine pouch, it does not give you the nicotine hit you intended to get. 

In addition, nicotine pouches do not have tobacco. This means that you are not at risk of contracting medical complications associated with the use of tobacco products. 

But many people tend to ask what will happen if you mistakenly swallow a nicotine pouch. Read on because we’ll answer this question right here! 

What Happens if You Swallow a Nicotine Pouch? 

If you have swallowed a nicotine pouch, you don’t need to worry about anything. Nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, so they cannot cause any damage inside your stomach or digestive system. The answer is simple: nothing will happen to you if you have swallowed a nicotine pouch. 

However, only a few amounts of nicotine will be absorbed into your bloodstream when compared to what would happen if you had used the pouch correctly. In addition, the ingredients inside the pouch are completely harmless. 

The ingredients in nicotine pouches are the typical household recipe, such as flavourings, salt, water, baking soda, and food-grade fillers. Despite the safety of these pouches, they are not designed to be digestible in the stomach. 

After using a nicotine pouch, remove it from the lip with a finger and dispose of it in the trash. Just like swallowing a chewing gum once or twice in a lifetime, nicotine pouches won’t have any effect on your body. 

If you’ve been swallowing nicotine pouches, it’s wise to stop immediately. The ingredients used in nicotine pouches are not suitable for consumption in high quantities. Keep in mind that nicotine is a chemical and should only be used in recommended packages. 

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